I won't let them hurt you.

He cried out.

You never can tell what some people might buy.

That sounded like an explosion.

I enjoyed watching the game.

His writing of a novel surprised us.

Is this my seat or yours?

My son tried to become a rakugoka.


I beg to differ with you.

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I would take it as a sign.

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Dan stabbed Linda repeatedly with his knife.

The words hurt his pride.

A concept is an idea that can be represented by words.

Ssi still needs work.

We may as well go at once.

I was ill yesterday but I am feeling fine today!

In the development of Lojban, efforts were consistently made since the initial phase to keep the language culturally neutral.


She bought two dozen eggs.

They were hanging on her words.

Traffic was at a standstill.


Don't be too sure.


"I guess you have to be a fool to dump Hermione..." - "Took you long enough... She's behind your back." - "What the hell?!"

You should have flatly refused his request.

What's the ideal age for a girl?

It must be true what they say.

Where did you vaccinate them?

Let him leave.

Archaeological finds are being made in Peru on an almost daily basis.


I'm dying to meet Geoff.

Raanan has got three of them.

Please circle the words that are misspelled.

Sekar lives in a small town near Boston.

Annie is learning how to figure skate.


What caused that?

A week has seven days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

She was seated between Sridhar and Konstantinos.

Almost all of the dogs are alive.

Does that feel good?

May I leave school early today?

Merton lost his glasses.

German men are sexist.

I think that, as he's using addictive substances like thinner, the chance of rehabilitation is low.

You know you're very pretty, don't you?

Many scientists affirm that life on Earth didn't come up by chance.

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When I was a child, I wanted to be an astronaut.

The match ended in victory for him.

Planets are easy to identify because they don't twinkle like stars do.


Ahmet has a friend living in Boston.

This could become a problem.

The snow began to fall so heavily that the little boy could not see a hand's breadth before him.

He is easy to talk to.

Dion took his finger off the trigger and put his pistol back in its holster.

This country has few natural resources.

I'm doing what I can.

Tomas yanked the plug from the wall.

Real ability wins in the end.

I have completely recovered.

"Where's Deborah?" "She didn't make it." "I'm sorry."

My house is only a mile from here.

When I was fifteen, I got a room of my own.


Hey, leave me out of this.

Please bring in the washing.

It couldn't be them.

We can only abuse of things that are good.

Daren had other plans.

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Chase that duck out of the courtyard.

Of course, that's just me.

You are what you read.


The cranes tend to make their nests in the bell towers of churches.


How is Lanzarote?

I leave it in your hands what course of action to take.

I wonder if you can handle this.

He was famous for his marathon speeches in parliament.

Lar presumably locked the door before leaving.


The patrol car skidded to a stop.

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It was the perfect place for monsters to hide.

I got what I wanted.

I watched Clara closely.

He sensed that threat early in his career.

I owe Dimetry thirty thousand.

Miltos has lived in Boston for quite some time now.

They're too fat.

I know a good divorce lawyer if you need one.

Why didn't Tolerant listen?

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I was just teasing.

What makes you think I won't be able to do it?

We can't just cut people's salaries without giving them some warning.


Thousands are feared dead or missing.

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Julianto has already gone to bed.


I worked at it.

"Are my eyes really telling me the truth?" answered the old man, rubbing his eyes. "Are you really my own dear Pinocchio?"

Did you find out who that guy was?


Whenever Kamiya is in Boston, he stops by.

We're thoroughly prepared for the millennium bug.

We had fun at the party.

It's possible that we won't be able to get to Boston in time for the wedding.

Bonnie is on the swim team.


I know where he lives. But it is a secret.

I don't even know why we're going.

We've got to get them presents.

I told you to make the deal.

I really do just want to go.


I'm now on duty.

If we need bread and eggs, I'll buy them on my way home.

Corey is an authority in his field.

What has actually happened here?

Why did you buy all this stuff?

She keeps a lover in the palace.

The label doesn't match the contents.

She admired herself in the mirror.

Do you plant pumpkins?

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Why do they do it?

He is a nominee in four award categories.

It beats me where she's gone.

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I fell in love with how big the house is.


I am already wet!

I ask to see your daughter.

What did Roberto say to you?

Dory is back in his apartment.

Let me open it by myself.

I'll never let Josh do that again.

Guy swallowed the last of his drink.

It is just like her to think of others before thinking of herself.

We used to play cards all day and night.

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The climate here does not agree with me.

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He grabbed my ass!

The sea was glassy.

I don't know the end of the story.


My spouse and I were visiting the farmer.

The truth is very simple.

Where did you put my passport?

How about you? Are you still married my friend?

The children are not playing in the living room, but rather in the yard.

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Now let's see what happens.


I just have one question.

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Nate doesn't need to wait any longer.


I believed him to be in good health.


I miss it already.

Your comments were inappropriate.

I thought it was marvelous.

Ken dashed up the slope.

English is used in every part of the world.

How did he respond to the news?

Adrian doesn't sleep much anymore.


You're responsible.


Where's the gate for Japan Airlines flight 124?

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The cat has two ears.

It is too difficult a problem for me to solve.

She shot Per.

Of course I love her!

This is something new.

He loves me unconditionally.

Suu is expendable.

I'm happy Oleg has come back home.

The church clock gains three minutes a week.

Judy didn't use to be like that.

Samuel helps everyone who asks him.

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Neville said that he needed more money.

He's always like that.

I didn't break in.

What do you say to that, Joubert?

What do you want to protect us from?